With Tulsa Tough's ever growing national attention as one of the must attend annual cycling competitions of the year they needed their website to reflect their reputation. By improving their web presence across all device platforms and highlighting the excitement of the sport and the event 2014 was their most successful engagement to date.

Responsive... ness

We all know that a proper viewing experience on all devices is a must. Tulsa Tough needed some attention in the mobile area so we made sure that they looked gorgeous. Event if you were viewing the site on a flip phone. Kidding... please don't look at the site on a flip phone even though it'll probably still be pretty sexy.


Bigger CAN be better.

With such an action packed event like Tulsa Tough they needed to convey that same excitement within their site. Not only do fans and riders need to know when and where to find the races, or a porta-potty, but they need to get a taste of what it's like standing inches away from spandex clad mini gladiators whizzing past their face. Big beautiful event photos were in order.


Show me the social!!!

If you haven't been to the race/party on Cry Baby Hill then you're missing out. If you can't make it you should be green with envy by watching the social feed of pics and tweets of your lucky friends. By bringing all of the realtime social activity to one place one could get second-by-second updates and proclamations of awesomeness setting at the kitchen counter in their boxers on their laptop.