Creative Direction
User Interface

The historic Philbrook Museum is a Tulsa jewel. Their cultural, philanthropic and social endowments are part of what makes this little city so great. What good is something if you can't share it with friends who weren't there? With the Tulsa MiX app now anyone can experience the craftsmanship of the mixologists and even recreate their masterpieces in their own kitchen.

First order of business. The Drinks.

So much blood, sweat and tears went into concocting these exotic elixsers that we wanted to pay homage by not skimping on the photography. Philbrook tapped a couple of Tulsa's best photogs to bring each mixologist and their drink to life. Since scratch and sniff screens don't extist... yet, then the next best thing is beautiful photography.


Stacked Deck

Not wanting to pull punches with photography we went full tilt showcasing every pixel worth of detail with each mixologist's section tailored to their personality. Their glamor shot, establishment, drink and recipe were easy to get to and pretty darn sexy to look at. With minimal out-of-the-way navigation everything was tucked neatly in its proper place without obstructing the view.